what are the early signs of diabetes

If you are looking for the early signs of type 2 diabetes you are on the right page.

The latest figures are that 4 million people are having to live with diabetes this is in the United Kingdom alone. This equates to six percent of the population or one in 6 people.

Apparently, there are 415 million people are having to live with diabetes not only that this is expected to rise to a massive 642 million by 2040.

There are two types of diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 with all types of diabetes have in common there is an excessive amount of glucose in the system which we all need to produce energy.

If, a person has Type 1 diabetes the body is incapable of producing insulin. Whereas Type 2 diabetes the body is unable to produce enough of it. For a full explanation please watch the video below.

There are quite a few early signs of diabetes and that is you may find yourself thirsty and drinking more water. Lack of energy feeling tired even after have a decent amount of sleeping time.

In some cases (not all) weight loss without dieting. Itching or thrush is very common. If you cut yourself it may take longer than usual to heal. Blurred vision.

The reason for this is that glucose is trapped in the blood and it is not being used to give us more energy. Our bodies in a natural sense often try to lower our glucose levels when we go to the toilet however that has a knock on effect and can produce a fungal infection which leads to thrush.

The Top Ten Worst Foods For Diabetes

White Rice

Top of the list is white rice we all love our white rice with our curries right? We have been led to believe it is good for our diet. Apparently, this is clearly NOT the case white rice can have an effect on your blood sugar levels.

According to a Harvard research study, the people that eat white rice on a regular interval have a 27% risk of diabetes in comparison with people that don’t include white rice in their diet.

It is important to understand that white rice lacks fiber and magnesium. If you choose brown rice instead then that is a wise choice why? Brown wholemeal rice contains fiber and magnesium which we all need to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


(2) on the list is surprisingly enough is potatoes. Did you know that 4 billion people consume potatoes as part of their everyday diet? If you are diabetic potatoes are not a wise choice why?

They are full of carbohydrates and are low in nutrients. Having said that if you must eat potatoes choose the option of red potatoes. I have always steamed my potatoes and don’t peel them because the skin of the potatoes contains vitamins and minerals which are an important part of our diet.

Cakes and Pastries

(3) on the list are a pretty obvious one cakes and pastries. Some people are pretty fortunate to not have a sweet tooth. However, for diabetics, this is something to avoid at all costs and the reason is simple as you are probably aware they are full of sugar, sodium, white flour, and preservatives.

Soft Drinks & Energy Drinks

(4) on the list is soft drinks & energy drinks this is the worst thing for a person who has any type of diabetes this can lead to excessive weight gain. People that are obese and overweight have a much higher risk of developing diabetes in comparison with people with a healthy weight. Cutting out these drinks is controversially the best way to lose weight and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

French Fries

(5) The problem with french fries they contain a lot of starch that can have the worst impact on your blood sugar levels. French fries when fried in oil soak up saturated fats and often lead to weight gain. It is important to pay attention that just a small 85 gram serving of french fries contains 33 grams of carbohydrates.

They are without a doubt the worst way to eat potatoes and have a 21 percent increased risk of developing diabetes in comparison with 14 percent of consuming other forms of potatoes. If you must have fries then a much healthier choice would be baking them without oil


(6) Raisins contain a large amount of sugar which can easily be absorbed into the bloodstream and often causes a spike in the blood glucose level. This is enormously harmful for people who have diabetes. It is much more beneficial to choose the whole fruit option which is rich in fibers.

White Bread

(7) White bread is very low in necessary nutrients it is very high in calories and can often lead to excessive weight gain which is not good for diabetics. It is made of white flour which contains starch and carbohydrates.

Apparently, this would be classed as a very dangerous food for people having to live with diabetes. If you must eat bread then choose wholemeal brown bread which is much better for you because it contains more fiber and nutrients and much more.

Palm Oil

(8) Palm oil contains a high level of saturated fat that raises blood cholesterol levels this is considered high risk which can lead to heart attacks. By using palm oil it is important to understand that this has as much saturated fat as 2 cheeseburgers or beef burgers with bacon and a large portion of french fries.

Coffee Drinks

(9) Coffee drinks you might be interested to learn is the most popular drink in the world. In the US alone they consume 450 million cups every single day. As you are probably aware coffee contains caffeine and it’s a commonly known fact increases glucose and insulin levels in the body in the short term. So if you must drink coffee try to limit it to two cups per day.

Fruit Juices

(10) last but not the least fruit juices this one is not so obvious as the rest and very controversial why? We have been led to believe that fruit juices are good for us but apparently not for people with diabetes as it can raise blood sugar levels.

If after reading this post you have any doubts about whether you have diabetes then make an appointment with your doctor and get a blood test. From what I have found after a great deal of research most people say there is no cure for diabetes. However, with a well-balanced diet but it can go into remission.

I am continually researching the subject of living a healthy lifestyle and with so many people having to live with diabetes there are always new beginnings.

Just last year in 2019 a team of doctors and specialists in the image above helped over 43,542 people with type 2 diabetes gain control of their blood sugar level and insulin sensitivity and were taken off prescription drugs so there is hope on the horizon for more information it’s here

Many thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read this post. If you have questions or comments I always look forward to any feedback,

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