If you really want to discover how to quit smoking for good then stay on this page why? If you have tried and failed or you woke up this morning and this is the first time you decided you want to give up smoking there are some golden nuggets you may find useful in this post. Not only that you probably won’t find anywhere else.


I was born in 1942 and was still in my teenage years in the sixties where almost everybody smoked cigarettes. I can remember the days of cigarettes with no tips like senior service or woodbine were a couple of the most popular brands. Smoking was a very cool trendy thing to do back then.


There was no health warnings or anything like to so pretty much everybody smoked who was around in the swinging 60s. However today it is a different story altogether where there is a ton of information on how it can seriously damage your health and yet people still have a problem to eliminate this habit for good.


Don’t misunderstand me as a former smoker the book that really helped me was Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking and it still available today. However, if it was as easy as just reading a book then it begs the question to why so many people are unable to break the habit.


Allen Carr claims in his book that you will not only find it easy to quit but can actually enjoy the process. Although this book helped me personally I am not sure that I found it easy in the first 2 weeks or thereabouts. They say that nicotine is eliminated from our systems in 3 days but that is NOT the real issue. Most people can last 3 days without smoking but breaking the habit is much harder to overcome.


Let’s refer to habits for a moment the average person takes at least 21 days to break a habit whether it is to quit smoking. Give up alcohol. In fact, to take it one step further we can change into a totally different person over a period of 9 months or thereabouts depending on a person’s desire.


However, when we dig a little deeper into why so many people are unable to quit smoking or anything else is the FEAR of Loss factor. This is one of the 6 ghosts of fear explained in my favourite book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, He explains quite clearly it is merely a STATE OF MIND.


The fear factor of giving up smoking is will I be able to enjoy a meal of a social occasion ever again? Will it be never quite as enjoyable without a cigarette. The Fear of NOT being able to handle stressful situations with the crutch of the cigarette.


These are the questions that went through my mind primarily. Then there is the issue this is NOT the right time for me I have a lot of stress to deal with right now. All these thoughts I realized are caused by FEAR.


However, we are unique some people are just determined NOT to quit and adopt the attitude that oh well got to die of something and continue to smoke regardless.

What AreThe Alternative to Smoking

Over the Years there have has been endless alternatives for smokers that just are unable to break the habit. The most popular is to Vaping which is very popular for teenagers according to recent studies. A recent study was around 35% of people in high school in 2018 are vaping or making use of e-cigarettes.


Unfortunately, recent reports show that e-cigarettes have serious health issues 200 e-cigarette users have developed severe lung disease and some deaths according to the CDC

The facts are as e-cigarettes or Vaping is relatively new we are unsure or how clear the implications are. Vaping is quite common among people that vape Marijuana as an alternative to rolling a joint.

What are the Benefits to Vaping

There seems to no doubt that vaping has helped some people to quit smoking but we are still unsure of what the long term effects could be and still not approved by the FDA. Many people view vaping as the lesser of the two evils we are still not sure at the time of writing this post.

Healthy Alternatives to Vaping

There is a product that has recently emerged into the market place called smokeWell Gold this is smokeable hemp

how to quit smoking for good

Smokeable hemp flower is a specific strain and type of hemp that is ideal for CBD and CBG delivery through smoking. As opposed to cannabis it doesn’t create a high as ¬†doesn’t cause a ‘high’ and doesn’t have noticeable amounts of THC ¬†read more here in the FAQ


From my experience in life whatever we are trying to achieve is all in the mind we become what we think about. I hope you enjoyed my content on how to quit smoking for good. If you have questions or comments please insert in the section below.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this post.


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