How to prevent obesity

If you are searching for ways of how to prevent obesity and live a longer healthier life you are on the right page

I have always believed in prevention rather than cures and how to prevent obesity is something that gets swept under the carpet. Obesity is not something that happens overnight we don’t go to bed with the perfect body and wake up in the morning overweight and out of shape, do we?


We all have live busy lifestyles most families are forced to have at least 2 income streams in order to keep up with rising costs.

This is probably why when we wake up one day jump out of the shower and jump on the scales and think OMG how did that happen?


Apparently, from what I have read we can avoid being obese by eating less and exercising more. However, if it was that simple as that why is it that over 160 million Americans are obese or overweight? Why is it that 30% of boys and girls under the age of 20 are obese or overweight?


In the UK alone obesity is responsible for around 30,000 deaths each year which equate to 6 percent of all deaths. Not only that the latest figures are that obesity can shorten lives by around 9 years or more.


Shocking figures and begs the question of why? There is no lack of information to how to live a healthy lifestyle but there is so much publicity about obesity that I think the public has become immune and probably fed up with hearing about it… until it has a major effect on their health and lifestyle.


It is no surprise to me why this is happening when we start to dig a little deeper into the problem the reasons are pretty obvious. Everywhere we go all we see are fast food shops selling junk food french fried burgers, kebabs, these foods I believe are responsible for the obesity problem we are facing as a nation.

Supermarkets are as guilty as anybody the way they display the junk food crisps sweets cakes the list is endless is it any wonder that we are changing into an obese society? Unless we are really disciplined and don’t fall for the clever way supermarkets present these junk foods then obesity will continue to grow.

There was a time we could walk down the high street where we live and see a variety of shops but not anymore the fast food shops are popping up like weeds in the garden.

What is The Solution To Obesity

If you are overweight or considered to be obese it is never to late lose those extra pounds and get back on track but it will take a little effort like all things in life.
It’s too late for prevention but never too late to start keeping your weight in check.

Best way to start is to make a list of foods to avoid which I covered in another post called the top ten foods to avoid if you suffer from diabetes. Although the post is about the top ten foods to avoid for diabetics they are certainly relative to people who are overweight and are obese.

What Are The Best Foods To Eat and Lose Weight?

When we refer to foods we can eat to lose weight there is no black and white answer why? Thank god we are all unique in every way and what is one mans meat is another mans poison. However, the foods listed below are just guidelines that have worked for me.


I really recommend ginger you may not know but it is classed as a natural antibiotic which boasts the immune system which can really help to keep your weight in check. You can add it to almost any food. I Love ginger added to cereal especially porridge it gives it the extra spicy flavor plus a handful of blueberries sets you up for the day.


Another way to take ginger is to add it to your coffee I love my coffee but I limit it to 2 cups per day but if you add a little ginger you will love it. Of course, if you don’t drink coffee add a spoon of ginger to hot water.


Apple Cider Vinegar

The next on the list is apple cider vinegar I personally love the taste and take 3 tablespoonfuls 3 times per day. However, most people find it pretty hard to take in its raw state so it works great with a little water or add it to salads apple cider vinegar I found it great for weight loss but make sure it is organic apple cider vinegar with the mother,

Avocado Pears

Avocado pears are a fat burning food and one of the best foods for losing weight. There are countless ways to consume them. You can eat them as they are or add a little salt and pepper.

I personally love them as a snack mash them with a little low-fat grated cheese and add a little cider apple vinegar. However, if you want to spice it up, even more, add a little paprika plus a spoon full of lemon juice.

At certain times of the year, it is hard to find avocado pears. I choose to keep some frozen avocado pears in the freezer there is no difference they still have potassium Vitim E lutein and other essential nutrients. They can lower your blood pressure and even moisturize your skin.


Although salmon can prove to be a little expensive choice we must not lose sight of the fact the polyunsaturated fatty acids make it a smart choice for weight loss. There are countless ways to cook salmon my personal choice is to wrap it in foil add garlic, dill, a little organic butter, and lemon juice. watch the video below for a full description. Apparently, vitamin D in salmon can also help with stress management.

Porridge Oats

Oats is a great way to start your day for a variety of reasons. Oats are a wholegrain cereal that includes fiber beta-glucan which if you have a high cholesterol level in can make a large contribution to reduce it. How to prepare it is a very controversial subject.

I just add organic milk and put in the microwave for 2 minutes from what I have read that is perfectly fine. I like to add a little spice to it with ginger which boasts the immune system.

For years, I have made a habit of juicing vegetables and fruit. There are so many options to what to juice but for me, I keep it as simple as possible. Blueberries frozen, Mixed fruit, Ginger, organic chia seeds small amount of paprika banana.

However, if you feel like a variation the Juice Master by Jason Vale is all you will ever need with over 100 delicious Juices and Smoothies.

There are countless machines but the one I have been using for years is the ninja juicer 1000 and the reason why is there is no waste. With most juice machines all the pith is thrown away and a lot of vitamins and minerals are wasted and end up going down the drain.

There are so many more foods we can eat to lose weight in this post I have mentioned just a few. However, if you want to take it one step further for a small investment I love this book Eat To Live by Joel Fuhrman

The conclusion

Many thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read this post. If you have any questions or comments I love to get feedback in the section below

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