How To Lose Weight Without Exercising

If you are among the countless people that are unable to exercise and  desperate to lose weight then you are on the right page,

What I would like to share with you today is how to lose weight without exercising. The reason I wanted to share this post is there are countless people that are truly unable to exercise and yet desperate to lose weight.


Whenever we refer to losing weight it creates a vision of spending hours in the gym and having to do without the food we love.

Of course, that is the traditional way which has proved very successful for many people. However, it is very clear that is NOT the only way to lose those extra pounds and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


Although at my age I am fortunate to be able to go to the gym at least 3 to 4 times per week because I work from home. and the gym is just down the road. However, there have been times when I sustained injuries over the years and I have to say I found myself frustrated.


Quite recently I damaged a tendon which was very painful and was unable to play tennis which I have enjoyed all my life. However, we all have to change direction at times and now I enjoy the gym and swimming.


So this got me to thinking about people that are unable to exercise permanently for example people that suffer from Arthritis or people that are disabled in one way or another.


What I found is when we don’t exercise it’s easy to put on those extra pounds and not feel motivated it all seems so pointless right? What I would like to share with are some alternatives to losing weight without heavy workouts in the gym and foregoing all the food we love.

Chewing food.

I have mentioned chewing food in another post which is sometimes referred to as mastication. If you are unable to exercise this works really well why? When we spend more time eating our food and chewing it to a pulp before swallowing it creates a fuller feeling so we end up eating smaller portions.

There was a recent study conducted by the NCBI of comparison between fast eaters and slow eaters. They found after 23 studies that fast eaters gain more weight than slow eaters.

Hide Unhealthy Foods Out Of Site

Out of sight out of mind as the saying goes. I am sure when you walk into the local bakery and see all the cakes and pastries laid out in a very appetizing fashion they are pretty hard to resist right? In the same way when we walk into a sweet shop the same applies.


However, most people have those unhealthy foods in full view which are very tempting especially when we are trying to lose weight. So to avoid this hide them so they are not in full view out of sight out of mind as the saying goes

Drink More Water

It is a common known fact that 75% of Americans are dehydrated apparently we should be drinking at least 10 cups of water every day. However, the question is should we drink water from the tap or join the 600 million people that drink bottled water?

For me, from what I have read I prefer to drink water straight from the tap but that is as far as I will go on that subject. Lots of people dislike the taste of water bottled or otherwise.

But if you want to lose weight without exercising this makes a large contribution to that. You can add a little flavor by adding a slice of lemon that really works for me.

Larger Plates Larger Portions

To whether it is my imagination or whatever they seem to manufacture larger plates these days. Larger plates lead to larger portions for sure. So this is another step in the right direction with large plates it’s quite natural for whoever does the cooking and serves up the food to fill the plate.


If you must use big plates then use them to fill it up with healthy food, for example, Lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, grated carrots, hard-boiled eggs, watercress, cucumber, celery, and don’t forget the apple cider vinegar. Smaller plates have a physiological effect on the conscious mind it makes you think you are eating more than you really are.

Drink less alcohol

There are people that say that drinking 2 glasses of red wine a day is good for you which it might well be. However, lack of exercise and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol is a sure way to increase your body weight if you are not working out.


Alcohol can also affect your state of mind excessive amounts causes depression which in turn leads to unhealthy eating habits. Even if you like to drink at home try to avoid the crisps, cheese biscuits and other junk foods that often add to weight gain.


Include Plenty of Protein in Your Diet

There have been countless studies to why we should include plenty of protein in our diets. By just increasing our protein consumption from 15 to 30 percent they have lost as much as 10 pounds or more over a period of 12 to 14 weeks read the full report here its very clear this sustained reductions in appetite.



I have included swimming in this post although it is classed as a form of exercise. Whenever I have sustained an injury I often skip the workout in the gym and go swimming. I am not great at swimming I only swim the breaststroke.


However, I find this a great way to exercise and then use the sauna and sweat it out for 20 minutes or so. There is very little effort to this form of exercise and great for keeping your weight in check in these difficult times of injury.

The conclusion

So there you have it I hope you found this post a benefit to how to lose weight without exercising. If you have any questions or comments I love to get feedback and happy to help you out in the section below.

From the Desk of Alan Benney

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