How to lose belly fat for men over 40

They say that life begins at 40 unfortunately, our metabolisms don’t always agree.


If you are frustrated and tried every diet under the sun and still not getting the desired results then you are on the right page discover the missing link.


It is a commonly known fact that as we get older it is much harder to lose weight because we have more baggage and I don’t mean in just a physical way.


There are so many options as far as diet is concerned but apparently, it is NOT just about what we eat more but more to the point how we eat it in other words mastication.

How To Chew Your Food

What you may not be aware that mastication is the one secret to lose belly fat that is overlooked. People today have such busy lifestyles they have a tendency to eat on the move and not pay attention to digesting food properly. Chewing our food is equally important as planning our diets.


For years my father from a very early age suffered from digestive problems and was forced to study the subject of mastication. He tried to solve his problems primarily with the use of tablets which proved to make matters worse. It might interest you to learn that we should be chewing our food at least 32 times before we swallow it.


In fact, my father took it one step further the food he could not break down into a near liquid form he would NOT swallow it why? Most people are under the illusion that the process of digesting our food starts in the stomach when in fact it is in the mouth.


The benefits of chewing our food properly are we get more nutrients and energy from it plus the fact it cuts down the unwanted bacteria in the digestive system. We should be chewing our food slowly not only that it is best not to take another mouth full of food until you have liquefied it to almost a pulp.


It is quite a common sight to see people walking and eating at the same time and washing it down with soft drinks. From what I understand we should always be seated and not be eating and drinking at the same time when we are consuming our food to get the results.


With regard to meat, it is almost impossible to achieve this in which case as long as you have got all the juice out of the meat then don’t swallow it why? It seems that it can clog up our digestive system which has a knock on effect to reaching our weight loss goals.


Treating Gastritis

Gastritis is not a common complaint apparently only 2 in every 10,000 people suffer from it. There are 3 types of gastritis. Type A is where the stomach cells are damaged digesting food in-efficiently can certainly contribute towards that.


Type B is where a person has stomach Ulcers and can be cancer-related. Type C is caused by excessive use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and excessive use of alcohol. The symptoms of gastritis are not always obvious. However the most noticeable are indigestion and loss of appetite. If you have doubts then visit your doctor to be on the safe side.


It goes without saying that exercise in the abdominal area always helps but if you are not achieving the desired results it is probably related to diet. On the correct diet at whatever age belly fat is usually the area that we need to lose weight initially.


Most men over 40 struggle to lose belly fat they don’t have a consistent plan. One of the best selling products that I have reviewed online is the Keto 28-day plan and well worth a try there are zero risks with this plan if you are not 100% satisfied to get a full refund.

The Conclusion

Although there a ton of diets and suggestions out there to help you to  How to Lose Belly Fat For Men Over Forty the most important aspect to enjoy success is the mindset. Thank for taking the time out of your busy day to read this post. If you have questions or comments I always look forward to any feedback in the section below.

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