If you are concerned about your high blood pressure and searching for ways to keep it under control then you are on the right page.

If you have high blood pressure the most important thing is NOT to panic why? You are certainly not alone as one in three adults in the United Kingdom alone have high blood pressure.

The British heart foundation estimate that there are around seven million people who have not been identified as having high blood pressure. In the USA there are 70 million people with high blood pressure.

Apparently, the main reasons being there are no noticeable symptoms plus the fact that people in general rarely think about measuring their blood pressure.

Some people are under the impression that they need to go to the doctors in order to take their blood pressure whereas now in this day and age it is a simple task. Most health centers are quite happy to lend you a blood pressure measuring device for a week or thereabouts.

Most doctors recommend you take your blood pressure twice per day at home for at least a week to get a true reading why? When we go to the doctors we are not truly relaxed and this can lead to inaccurate readings.

When we are stressed out or frustrated for one reason or another the blood pressure can produce a high reading which in turn can create even more stress.

The ideal readings for blood pressure, in general, should read 120 over 80 however not too many people achieve a perfect reading the doctors recommend if is above 140 over 90 we should pay close attention and monitor it on a regular interval.

The best way to monitor this is to purchase a blood pressure measuring device which you can get at the local chemist or on Amazon where they are very reasonably priced delivered to your door.

For years, I found the subject of high blood pressure confusing, to say the least. However, it really is simple to understand if you have high blood pressure you are putting a strain on your heart to pump blood around your body. This is why it can lead to strokes, heart attacks, and much more…

Ways to Control High Blood Pressure Without Medication

Thankfully there are countless ways to control high blood pressure without medication for example cut down on your consumption of alcohol. The facts are most people love a glass of wine or a beer or two but as long as they keep it under control this should not be a problem.

Having said that if you cut it down to having a drink on weekends and have at least 5 days alcohol-free you on the right track.

The recommended intake of alcohol for women is 14 units per week this is equivalent to six pints of beer or seven glasses of wine.

How To Control High Pressure by Diet

It’s easy to control high BP by cutting out fatty foods like chips, burgers, fast foods. This will not only keep your BP under control but it will help you lose those extra pounds that can cause high BP.

Virginia Sturm is just an ordinary mum with kids and was faced with this problem and nearly lost her husband. He was not aware that he had high blood pressure until he found his kidneys started to fail.

Apparently, after a great deal of research, she found a solution for her husband and now he lives a healthy lifestyle thanks to Virginia. In fact, she felt so strongly about her husband’s success she felt compelled to share it with the world. Virginia created an eBook a step by step system to how to control high blood pressure by improving your diet you can download it here

How To Quit Smoking

Did you know that every cigarette you smoke increases your blood pressure for several minutes after? People that smoke, in general, has a tendency to sweep the real facts under the carpet they often think this could never happen to them until it does.

If you are serious about keeping control of your BP then to quit smoking is essential. People that smoke in the back of their minds always want to quit but in many cases, they won’t even admit this to themselves. But deep down they are fully aware of the consequences of smoking. if you are not aware then please watch the video below

Many years ago I had a friend that was a very heavy smoker who had tried to quit on many occasions when he read this book by Allen Carr Easy Way To Stop Smoking. This book has sold six million copies and apparently, he smoked more than 100 cigarettes every day. If he can do it then anybody can.

Cut Down or Stop Drinking Coffee

We all love a cup of coffee, especially in the morning right? But how many cups of coffee do you drink throughout the day? From what I have read regular drinkers of coffee has little or no effect on your blood pressure. However, for people that very rarely drink coffee apparently, it can.

If you are unsure if this has an effect on you personally then before you have your morning cup of coffee take your blood pressure before and after.

How To Contol High Blood Pressure By Exercise

It is a proven fact that exercise or the lack of it is one of the main causes of high blood pressure. By joining the local Gym or take up a sport for example Tennis, golf, badminton, squash or swimming is a fun way to exercise.

Although I mentioned the gym you have to be really disciplined to attend on a regularly. Personally, I find playing sports is much more fun and it is not so much as a chore. Exercise kills two birds with one stone you can enjoy your sports and lose weight at the same time.


Apple Cider Vinegar Organic

I have been taking apple cider vinegar for years. It is a proven fact that it helps to lower blood pressure. I take a teaspoonful twice a day once in the morning and just before I retire to bed. From my personal experience, this has helped in many ways, for example, it is naturally rich in enzymes and potassium, and can boost the immune system. However, it is important that it is organic apple cider vinegar

The Conclusion

All my life I have avoided taking any type of medication I am not a fan of contributing to the multi-billion drug companies. Although in many cases they serve a purpose I have always believed in prevention rather than cures.

That is all I have to share with you today many thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read this post on how To control high pressure by diet. If you have questions or comments I always look forward to any feedback in the section below.

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