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Are you one of the 42 million people sick and tired having to deal with ongoing constipation problems?

Have you tried the countless over the counter drugs that clearly have NOT worked for you?


I think it is true to say that almost everybody suffers from constipation at one time or another. However, It was only when a good friend of mine suffered from this uncomfortable problem that prompted me to research the subject for the solution.

Apparently, there are 42 million Americans that suffer from some form of gastrointestinal problems. There is so much misinformation about constipation it is mind-boggling, to say the least.

However, NCBI report is pretty conclusive to how much constipation is a risk to our health in general.

It seems that the majority of people that have constipation problems turn to over the counter drugs and find it difficult to choose which one can work for them. I took a look at how many over the counter drugs are available on Amazon alone I lost count after scrolling through 7 pages of them.

Although they can maybe provide a temporary solution for the limited few. It seems many of these over the counter drugs can have long term side effects and clearly are NOT a long term solution.

I have read endless articles on the subject full of mambo jumbo language that very few of us understand for example Ispaghula husk, lactulose, polyethylene glycerol, senna, peripheral opioid-receptor antagonists, linaclotide and prucalopride.

After reading all about these drugs I then discovered there is a severe lack of evidence that any of them are any good or whether one is any better than the other.

What Are The Benefits of Chia Seeds

Okay, let’s get real and look at some natural ways to get relief from constipation that for some reason nobody seems to have latched on to. For years and I really mean years I juiced my way to a healthy lifestyle. Okay, you may have tried juicing for constipation but have you tried adding organic Chia seeds?

These Chia Seeds are grown in a natural environment in South America you can eat them raw or add them to your cereals or in your smoothies. They are 100% pure, Vegan Society registered, allergen free, gluten free.

Chia seeds deliver a massive amount of nutrients with very small amount of calories I have been using them for years for constipation but not only that they are phenomenal for losing weight. It is only recently they have been recognized a superfood

These tiny black Chia seeds only contain 6% water, 42% carbohydrates, 16% protein, and 31% fat. In a 100-gram amount. They are also full of Antioxidants.

However, the most essential thing to take note of is they are able to combat the fight against free radicals which in turn can protect the aging process and diseases like cancer.

One of the main reasons for constipation is we either eat in order to live or live to eat and there is a vast difference between the two. Although we as human beings are unique one thing is for sure most of us have the same body parts and digestive systems.

Why Do People Get Constipated

One of the key reasons people suffer from Constipation is all about the diet and eating the right foods. If there is an excessive amount of water in the colon it can cause a person to feel bloated and nauseous these are typical signs.

However, if your diet includes a lot of processed foods like cheese, white bread, burgers, french fries, cakes and pastries and not enough fiber then these are some reasons for constipation.

Your diet should include plenty of fresh food and vegetables.

Having said that it is never just about one thing for example it could be that you are dehydrated or maybe you are not giving your digestive system a chance to digest the food. Most people eat too fast and don’t chew their food properly.

Apparently, we should be chewing our food at least 32 times before we swallow it and never take another mouthful of food until it becomes a pulp. Let’s look at another analogy.

If we went to fill your car with up with fuel it continues to fill it when it is full and overflowing what would happen? In this particular instance, the fuel would end up on the forecourt right?

However, when we refer to our digestive system it does not overflow but gets chocked full of food because we have not given our digestive system chance to digest it. That is why chewing our food is very important to avoid constipation.

Another key Factor is Exercise

Constipation is often caused by people that unable to exercise or the lack of it or maybe have been bedridden for long periods of time. Specialists are not 100% sure why this is but one thing is for sure light exercise is advised even it is just a short walk to help with constipation.

Overuse of Laxatives

Countless people take laxatives for relief which can help initially but if you take them over long periods of time our bodies get used to them so we have to continually increase the dose to get the same results. The best advice if you must take laxatives from time to take don’t make a habit of it this is not a long term solution.

The Conclusion

Living a healthy lifestyle takes a great deal of effort but what is life without good health? In general people that suffer from constipation usually have other health issues for example obesity, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes.

These issues are often self-inflicted by living an unhealthy lifestyle for long periods of time. You can have all the money in the world but that is totally useless without good health.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this post. If you have questions or comments I always welcome in any feedback in the section below.

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